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Yuzhang Academy.jpeg

Yuzhang Academy, 2021, Pen and ink

Yuzhang Academy, a Confucian reform school purportedly treading internet addiction in Jiangxi China, treated teenagers brutally, and has caused deaths during their treatments.


Dozen of teenagers who were previously enrolled at Yuzhang have written posts online accusing the academy of mistreatment, alleging that teachers there used corporal punishment, locked them up in solitary confinement, and forced them to do heavy labor.

Schools like Yuzhang Academy promise parents that they can make "problematic" children obedient again.


This piece is to reveal the dark side of our society, but more importantly helps teenagers to speak up. They are never alone.

"You may give [your children] your love but not your thoughts,

 For they have their own thoughts."                                                              ---- Kahlil Gibran

Police Brutality.JPG

I am Just a Girl, 2021, Pen and ink

On September 7th 2020, a 12-year-old girl was tackled by officers near a pro-democracy protest in Mongkok Hong Kong.

Police said the girl took part in an illegal gathering. The girl got tackled due to her "suspicious manner."


Indeed, she went out simply to buy school supplies with her brother and her mom. She ran away because she was scared when confronted by police.

Her mom was angry at how her kids had been treated by them.

The girl and her brother were later treated in hospital for injuries, and they were issued with penalty tickets for violating social distancing rules.

Hong Kong police have become under fire after the footage went viral.

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